There are two specific clinical issues addressed by this study:

  • Some providers have been notified by payers that they are being monitored for potential overuse of Restasis. This first occurred in Florida, but appears to be spreading to other states. Providers need clinical outcomes to be able to show payers that the use of Restasis on patients selected for treatment represents best practices.

  • The diagnostic techniques and treatment options for dry eye are expanding rapidly making it very difficult for providers to keep up on the options and difficult to be able to analyze the effectiveness of each.

Clicking on the Study Design button will bring you to a description of the design and goals of this study. The Data Point List will bring you to a list of all of the diagnostic tests currently listed in the study as well as all of the therapies that have been reported by users. The study tracks diagnostic steps and therapies that providers utilize for dry eye patients. That data is then used in the analytical portion of the study to show the provider how the processes that he or she is using compare to those of other providers.

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